Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal Transfer Station

The facility is located at 1150 3rd Avenue in Longview and accepts solid waste from any county.   

Our waste disposal and recycling services and fee schedule are listed below.

Waste Disposal & Recycling Services

We offer the following waste disposal and recycling services at our facility, subject to solid waste disposal restrictions:

Fee Schedule: waste rates 2016

Please note:  Waste disposal rates are set by the Cowlitz County Department of Public Works.

Minimum Load $4.00 Minimum
Waste Rate (includes creosote wood) $49.78/Ton
Waste containing Drywall $77.22/Ton ($4 minimum)
Concrete under 3-feet diameter $10/Ton ($4 minimum)
Concrete over 3-feet diameter $14.00/Ton ($4/minimum)
Appliances (with Freon) $8.00 Plus $49.78/Ton
Passenger Tires (1-10 tires) off rim $1.25 Plus $49.78/Ton
Truck Tires (1-10 tires) off rim $6.00 Plus $49.78/Ton
Truck or Passenger Tires (over 10) $116.84 Ton
Animal Carcasses $49.78/ton ($4 minimum) Please Call for Appointment
Asbestos $105/ton ($25 minimum); disposal bags $1/bag; Please Call for Appointment
Vactor Waste Please Call for Pricing & Appointment

* All Rates are subject to 3.6% refuse tax