Waste Control accepts all putrescible and non putrescible waste, including, but not limited to, residential, construction, demolition and land clearing (CDL) waste, non-hazardous industrial waste, inert waste, sewage treatment plant grit, leaves, and sharps.
Please call Waste Control at (360) 425-4302 if you have any questions about acceptable waste.


Waste Control does not accept material defined under federal or state laws as Hazardous or Dangerous Waste, except for exempted household hazardous waste and conditionally exempt small quantity generators.  See the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program or the Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator Program for more information.

The following wastes are not accepted at the facility:

  • Hazardous Waste
  • Dangerous Waste
  • Liquid Waste
  • Infectious Waste
  • Radioactive Waste
  • PCB-Contaminated Waste
  • Improperly Packaged Asbestos If you have any questions about unacceptable waste, please call Waste Control at (360) 425-4302.