Aluminum Cans – Flatten to save space.Clean foil is also recyclable.
Cardboard – Break down boxes to save space. No cardboard contaminated with food, such as pizza boxes.
Glass – Clear, green, or brown glass only. Absolutely no window or auto glass!
No bags or boxes are to be deposited into the “glass only” recycling container.
Mixed Paper – Includes junk mail, magazines, colored paper, phone books, and cereal-type boxes. No juice or milk cartons. No wax-coated or foil-coated paper. No paper contaminated with food.
Newspaper – Remove and recycle kraft bags as cardboard. Do not bundle newspaper. No need to remove labels.
Tin Cans – Rinse, remove, and recycle labels. Flatten to save space.
Washers & Dryers – Old washers must have concrete removed from the bottom.
Freezers, Refrigerators, & Air Conditioners – Refrigerators must have Freon and compressors removed by a certified technician.