We accept automobile bodies for buy-back recycling with the following stipulations:
You must show proper legal documents for the automobile, such as:Sign of Clear Title, Junk Vehicle Affidavit, Affidavit in Lieu of Title, or Abandon Vehicle/Vehicle of Sale by Licensed Tow Truck Company. The Washington Department of Licensing has information for obtaining proper legal documents.

  • You must drain all fluids from the vehicle. This includes fluids in the brakes, engine, transmission, and radiator.
  • You must remove and drain all fuel tanks. Place extra holes in the top and bottom on the fuel tank(s). You may place the fuel tank(s) on the back seat.
  • You must remove all mercury switches.
  • You must remove all batteries.
  • You must remove all tires.
  • You must remove all air conditioners. Note that air conditioning units must be purged at an authorized location and removed by a professional because they contain freon.
  • You must remove all air bags.