Recycling At Our Facility

New Law in Effect

♦ For customers with pay-out values exceeding $29.99 for non-ferrous metals, e.g. copper, bronze, bulk aluminum, and brass, we are required by law to wait 10 days before mailing a check.  We will pay cash to customers if the non-ferrous metal pay-out value is less than $29.99.

♦ Waste Control will pay cash up to $99.99 for lower grade metals, e.g. aluminum cans, tin, and automobile transmissions.

Drop-off Recycling and Buy-Back Recycling Centers

We offer free drop-off recycling and a buy-back recycling center at the transfer station facility for common recyclable materials and automobiles.  We also offer fee-based services for specialty recycling, including wood/brush recycling and concrete recycling.  Unfortunately, we no longer offer shredding services.  Customers can contact Document Management Archives at (360) 501-5047 for shredding services.

Recyclable materials accepted at the drop-off and buy-back recycling centers include:

  • Newspaper
  • Tin, Aluminum, and other metals
  • #1 and #2 plastics
  • Mixed Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Glass

Wood/Brush Recycling

We accept all clean wood for recycling.  Nails are acceptable.  Contact Waste Control at (360) 425-4302 for current fee information.

Please Note:  Pay-out prices at the Buy-Back Recycling Center are subject to change without notice.  Contact Waste Control at (360) 425-4302 for current pay-out prices.  Customers need valid photo identification to receive cash or checks for buy-back recyclables.

Concrete Recycling

We accept concrete or brick for recycling.  Contact Waste Control at (360) 425-4302 for current fee information.

Automobile Recycling

We accept automobile bodies for buy-back recycling with the following stipulations:

  1. You must show proper legal documents for the automobile, such as:Sign of Clear Title, Junk Vehicle Affidavit, Affidavit in Lieu of Title, or Abandon Vehicle/Vehicle of Sale by Licensed Tow Truck Company.  The Washington Department of Licensing has information for obtaining proper legal documents.
  2. You must drain all fluids from the vehicle.  This includes fluids in the brakes, engine, transmission, and radiator.
  3. You must remove and drain all fuel tanks.  Place extra holes in the top and bottom on the fuel tank(s).  You may place the fuel tank(s) on the back seat.
  4. You must remove all mercury switches.
  5. You must remove all batteries.
  6. You must remove all tires.
  7. You must remove all air conditioners.  Note that air conditioning units must be purged at an authorized location and removed by a professional because they contain freon.
  8. You must remove all air bags.